Our Mission:


First Quartile Consulting is a focused utility consulting firm that offers a powerful combination of consulting and benchmarking services to help our clients achieve measurable performance improvements. Our goal is to be the pre-eminent provider of consulting and benchmarking services, delivering results through responsiveness to our client’s needs and interests while providing intellectual leadership in performance improvement.


Our Vision:


The vision for the company is to be the premier provider of consulting and benchmarking services to the utility industry in the areas of customer service, distribution, transmission, and corporate services. This will be achieved by providing superior services and projects, including delivery of accurate and useful data, comprehensive and complete analytic reports and presentations, insightful advice, and creation of valued communities within our client group of companies.


Our Values:


The key values of our firm are the following:


  • Providing superior value to our clients at a fair price
  • Delivering outstanding customer service, responding to requests in a timely and effective way, endeavoring to meet the needs our clients express to us
  • Creating a work environment in which the members of 1QC can have fun, engage in stimulating work, and enjoy the benefits of teamwork while delivering great results for clients


Our Services:


Consulting Services

Benchmarking Services

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