Benchmarking Services



Our benchmarking programs are built around a set of annually updated surveys, including questionnaires and comprehensive analytics supported by research aimed at capturing qualitative and quantitative performance data from our Customer Service, Transmission and Distribution, and APPA clients. We believe we have developed the right combination of cost model, benchmarking approach, software tool set, broad benchmarking community, and highly experienced delivery team to create the premier study for the industry.


We have created a community of top US and Canadian utilities that is involved in helping to shape and focus the questionnaire and research on topics that are relevant to today’s business operations and customer service needs. Benchmarking programs were developed and are managed by our founders who bring significant industry and benchmarking expertise, and who and along with our utility community ensure relevant, focused and fresh benchmarking topics for measurement and research. We invite organizations involved in the business of providing utility customer service to join the community, to share performance data and emerging practices, and benefit from the experiences in a smoothly-executed, highly-effective collaboration environment.


Our programs are supported by flexible and user-friendly software that enables the handling of large amounts of data and reports, allowing our community to create its own customized reports. Using these tools, the benchmarking programs support our community of utility participants, easing interactions and data/information sharing among the companies to enable individual companies to best take advantage of what others have learned and applied: best practices, new or evolving technologies, approaches to business management or simply performance benchmarks for specific functional areas or measures.



Download 1QC Benchmarking Brochure for Customer Service and Transmission and Distribution

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