The Advantages of Joining the Community


The First Quartile approach to benchmarking integrates customer expectations, demographic profiles, measured performance, best practices in the marketplace and improvement opportunities with goal setting, analytic and implementation needs. Being a part of a benchmarking community can help you to achieve your individual goals, but that actually “bringing the results home” to a skeptical audience requires a lot of preparation and some outside assistance from a skilled, dedicated and experienced benchmarking partner that can also help you with related detailed diagnostics and consulting support.


Community Leaders have a key role in setting the direction for benchmarking in the utility industry. For those companies looking to join at a reduced level of investment while enjoying the benefits of participation, we offer you the ability to join as Community Members.


  • Contributions 1QC brings as your benchmarking partner:

    • Dedicated benchmarking professionals who know the utility business and have been benchmarking for 25 years

    • An intellectually sound cost model to identify your current ranking and performance against industry peers

    • An ability to work with your management team to identify gaps and opportunities for your particular company

    • A community of utilities who have interest in sharing benchmarking information, practices and experiences

    • A combination of software tools and benchmarking process that enables delivery of useful information for the community


  • Contributions Provided by Community Members and Leaders:

    • Participation through provision of complete, fully-validated data. This includes a meeting at your site with a 1QC consultant to prepare for data collection. 

    • Interactions with the benchmarking community at the Data Review and Community Insights conferences

    • Best practices insights, exposure to initiatives underway in the utility industry, and exchange of ideas with other community members

    • Skilled company employees with knowledge of functional areas 


  • Additional Contributions provided by Community Leaders:

    • Attendance at the Leadership Forum to develop the benchmarking agenda and to select key performance measures, and determine the discussion topics

    • Commitment to participate in the benchmarking community at a Leadership level

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