Smart Meter / Advanced Metering Infrastructure Business Practices
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Smart Meter / Advanced Meter Infrastructure implementation is having a major impact at utilities in both the Customer Service and T&D functions with regard to metering, field service activities and outage management. It’s a huge investment and one that takes utilities into unfamiliar turf. Learning from others and sharing insights is a great way to avoid mistakes and take advantage of the experiences of others, from basic rollout of hardware to what has turned out to be even more challenging: the changes in operating processes driven by high volumes of very accurate real-time information.


First Quartile Consulting is excited to offer an ongoing benchmarking community where utilities facing issues related to SM/AMI deployment will be able to:

  • Reduce the overall cost of transition by learning from and avoiding mistakes others have already made.
  • Reduce the impact of the transition on the organization by sharing strategies and insights with companies who have been there before leading to a smooth navigation of the whole implementation process.
  • Quickly get up to speed on using the data and all of the key functions available through the new technology by developing usable processes and workable solutions and understanding how others are communicating with their regulators on key issues like using the remote disconnect feature.
  • Monitor your success through benchmarked practices and performance.


Join other premier companies at the 2015 Leadership Meeting

  • To help shape the Smart Meter Benchmarking community
  • To determine the peer working group topics


Who Should Participate:

  • Utilities at all points in the Smart Meter implementation cycle: pilot, rollout, full deployment, and stabilization / optimization phases
  • Key utility leaders involved in Smart Meter/AMI deployment and related business processes should attend.



  • Develop and participate in benchmarking smart meter business practices: Data on performance measures and business practices will be gathered and shared through an annual benchmarking process. Traditional boundaries between Customer Service and T&D will be crossed as we evaluate the new utility that uses smart meter information for customer service and operational activities.
  • Participate in peer working groups: Facilitated peer working groups will focus on the key issues regarding deployment and/or data usage.
  • Through a survey and working groups the community will address:
    • Organizational Planning and Staffing
    • Managing System Performance and Energy Diversion
    • Role and Use of Data Analytics
    • Redefining Core Business Processes
    • Change Management
    • Enhancing Customer Service
    • Addressing Impact on Billing, Contact Centers and Field Services
    • Distribution Maintenance
    • Power Quality/Reliability Implications
    • Outage Management and Response



  • We’ll kick-off with a meeting in Florida in March to determine the items to be benchmarked and the topics for the working groups.


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