• The Leadership Forum is held each year to...
    • Confirm survey goals
    • Identify subjects for further investigation through discussion topics, focus groups or research 
    • Identify key performance metrics
    • Develop the questionnaire
      • changes to existing questions 
      • addition of new questions
      • deletion of out-dated questions


  • Data Collection
    • The questionnaire is issued in excel for collecting the data and on-line for submitting the data 
    • The questionnaire asks for data necessary to assess cost, service and safety performance and practices 
    • A consistent set of guidelines and definitions are provided to clarify the data that's needed
  • ​Each company receives an on-site kick-off meeting to
    • help new companies get started and understand the process
    • help long-term companies bridge past efforts
  • Each company receives a Data Steward to help them ensure the accuracy and comparability of their data
    • Where available comparisons are made to historical company information for validation
  • Data Collection Webinars
    • A series of data collection calls is held to discuss the questions, guidelines and definitions
  • Discussion Topic Webinars
    • Webinars are held on discussion topic areas to share between companies 


  • Results are presented in a detailed statistical report
  • Webinars are held to review the report as a group and identify outliers and inconsistent data and interpretation

Connect - Community Insights Conference

  • Presentations from 1QC on performance, demographic and practice data from statistical track
  • Presentations from top performing companies
  • Discussion Topic presentations


  • Company feedback through On-Site presentations*
    • Detailed review of data to ensure accuracy and to get the message right
    • Identify performance gaps and opportunities
    • Develop realistic improvement goals

*Not part of the Member fee

  • Support Improvement Teams**
    • For those Leaders or Members looking to take their benchmarking to the next step, 1QC offers additional consulting support to help you bring home the results…
      • Provide benchmarking support to your continuous improvement teams
      • Project management support and guidance
      • Implementation and change management advice and support

**Not part of the Member or Leader fee



Interpreting The Results and "Bringing It Home"…

  • Detailed, useful reports and analysis, including the ability to create your own customized reports on-line using our proprietary reporting software!
  • Individual company profiles of performance ("Performance Profiles"), demographics, and adoption of best practices
  • Attention to demographic differences by creating panels of like utilities


…and as always we pride ourselves in being the most responsive organization possible to our Community Members needs!

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