Join our Annual Customer Service Benchmarking Community


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Core Benchmarking Subject Areas


We benchmark cost, service, and safety in the following areas:


  • Customer contact (call center, local offices, internet and email, mail and faxes)
  • Self-service channels and multi-channel integration
  • Meter reading
  • Field service
  • Bill preparation and issuance
  • Payment receipt and processing
  • Credit and collections (office or field)
  • Revenue protection
  • Customer information systems
  • Customer channels
  • Customer satisfaction


Discussion Topic Areas


One benefit of joining our benchmarking community is the opportunity to participate in the annual discussion topics, the focus being on verbal sharing of practices around key topics. Topics chosen recently nclude the following. These change annually based on the needs of our benchmarking community.


Leadership Alignment Workshop


Once you've completed the benchmarking study for the year and understand your opportunities for change and improvement, get your team aligned by holding a leadership alignment workshop. This workshop brings together all of the key people responsibile for implementing change and maintaining current performance levels and makes sure that they are in agreement on what needs to be done and how it will get done. Learn more...




First Quartile provides a simple 2-tier price structure from which to choose. Pricing ranges from $21,500 for Community Membership to $29,500 for Community Leadership. More information about the benefits of Community Leadership! Add a Leadership Alignment Workshop on to your benchmarking package for the discounted price of $15,000.


Overview of the Schedule of Events

Leadership Forum February
Issue Questionnaire March
Issue Statistical Report and Performance Profile Drafts April
Data Review Conference May
Issue Statistical Report and Performance Profile Draft and Final April-July
Community Insights Conference July
Develop and present specialized analysis and on-site presentations for Community Leaders August-September
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