When do the annual benchmarking programs typically start?

The questionnaire for Customer Service is typically issued late February. The questionnaire for Transmission & Distribution is typically issued in early April. Planning meetings are held for each study about a month prior to the issuance of the questionnaires.


What is the schedule of events for the benchmarking programs?




What do you do to ensure integrity and completeness of the data provided?

1QC has implemented several processes and practices to ensure that benchmark data has integrity, quality, and completeness:


  • We provide a on-site start-up meeting to those companies requesting support/guidance in organizing and managing their data collection process


  • Each survey has a set of data and terminology definitions and guidelines that is updated annually with our community and used as a reference by our member companies


  • 1QC facilitates Data Collection Webinars that are targeted to specific functional areas to allow company subject-matter experts to participate and ask clarifying questions


  • At the midpoint of each survey, 1QC facilitates a Data Review webinars and works with companies directly with Data Stewarding to address date outliers and exceptions. Through our on-line reporting software, we assess each company's data and work with them to accurately compete the survey


  • Each member company is assigned a 1QC consultant who acts as “data steward” for that specific company. We work with you closely to address issues and reporting needs on an individual basis.


  • 1QC reviews qualitative responses to practice-related questions to identify trends, changes, and new applications for the industry


How is data entered and reported?

1QC uses an on-line data entry process and developed a secure, on-line, enhanced reporting process that allows each company to produce both standard and customized reports. There is no software to download or emailing/mailing of forms.



Is the data and reporting kept confidential?

Yes. Our member companies each sign confidentiality agreements protecting them and 1QC against the external sharing of data and company names. We do not disclose the data shared with us publicly nor do we sell this company information. Our reports also do not designate company names, although participating companies having signed confidentiality agreements are aware of the identity of other participants' benchmarks.


What companies are currently benchmarking with 1QC?

See a listing of member companies.


What is the cost of the studies?

We provide simple, two-tiered annual pricing per operating company benchmarked. Our pricing for Customer Service Benchmarking is $21,500 for membership and $29,500 for leadership. For Transmission & Distribution it is $21,500 for membership and $29,500 for leadership. An additional fee may be charged for additional operating companies.


What additional benefits are available to Community Leaders?

Community Leaders get all of the benefits that Community Members receive. In addition, they receive the following:


  • Ability to set the direction for annual enhancements to the benchmarking program through participation in the Leaders Planning Conference
  • Opportunity to ensure that key corporate “KPIs” are included.
  • Chance to select specific practice areas for research
  • On-site presentation to management team on gaps and opportunities


How can I get more information or sign up?

You can contact us via email or directly at 760-272-7277


What "capabilities" are available if I want to customize or refine my benchmarking reports?

First Quartile Consulting runs a proprietary reporting software to benefit our community in using and better meeting their reporting needs. Members of our Benchmarking community now have access to control the contents of the benchmarking reports using our on-line software!


Key benefits that our members receive include:


  • Access to the most current reports without waiting for the official release


  • Pick a "panel" of companies to compare against either by picking your peers or using a set of criteria like customer count or other distinguishing demographic features


  • Pick a subset of the 1QC report that just includes the pages you want to share with management or other groups


  • Create new graphs to match your own internal metrics


  • Export the data to MS Excel for your own further analysis


We're happy to be able to offer these unique benefits available in no other utility benchmarking program to members in our Benchmarking Community!

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