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Data Entry Instructions Webinar


Coordinator's Overview - this document will help new-comers to our benchmarking study in understanding what is expected of the company coordinator in gathering data.


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Program Data Collection Guide Glossary FAQ
Customer Service Latest version 3/29/17 Glossary Visit our forum
T & D Latest version 5/15/17 Glossary Visit our forum
APPA Latest version 3/29/17 Glossary Visit our forum


Program Data Collection Webinar Recordings
Customer Service

3/21: Meter Reading & Field Service; 3/22: Billing & Payment Processing;
3/23: Contact Center, Self Service, Outbound Communications;
3/28: Credit & Collections & Rev Pro; 3/29: Safety, Staffing, CS IT, Key Accts, Energy Efficiency;
3/30: Financial, Statistics, Cust Sat, FCR

Trans, Dist, Subs

4/24: Statistics & Financials; 4/26: Capital Projects & Asset Mgmt; 4/27: Distribution Reliability & Storm Response (not recorded); 4/28: Transmission & Substation Reliability

5/1: Staffing; 5/2: Shops; 5/3: Safety (not held); 5/4: Practices, Smart Grid. 5/16: Distributed Generation

 APPA 7/31: Statistics, Financial, etc; 8/1: Meter Reading & Field Service;
8/2: Billing, Payment, Credit; 8/3: Contact Center, etc.
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