Consulting Services


First Quartile Consulting provides a full range of consulting services from incremental and continuous improvement projects to strategy, transformational change and change management.


What differentiates First Quartile Consulting:


  • A proven and structured process to assess and implement business processes that looks at the strategy, people, process, management and technology in a holistic fashion
  • Align your business needs and your customer needs with your processes
  • An improvement approach that brings predictability (balance), consistency, structure to underlying business and customer processes that “serve the customer” at the optimal cost
  • Leading operational practice knowledge from within the utility and external to the utility business
  • Experience in working with the interrelationships among people and business processes (not just a functional look at your business)
  • A process that engages your organization in the assessment through the implementation
  • An understanding of the core business and customer processes that “serve the customer” in the utility (what adds value to the customer?)
  • 20 years of collecting, analyzing and applying benchmarks to measure and support managing the business (to fully understand what works and what does not work, cause and effect relationships)
  • Application of evolving practices, technology, techniques
  • A pool of current benchmarks from other utilities to draw from across all customer service processes


Our consulting services span processes, organizations, and enabling technology in Customer Service and Transmission and Distribution. 1QC also provides Regulatory Support in the form of rate case defense, development of service standards and measures, and market evaluations. 1QC concentrates on helping our clients achieve significant and measurable performance improvements.


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