Leadership Alignment

The First Quartile Leadership Alignment Workshop is our unique way to energize, focus and structure the leadership team to design and prototype enhancements in work delivery processes. We ensure that when you begin working on improvements you understand the relationship between your different initiatives and the internal processes they are linked to.  


The 1QC approach is designed to align the organization on goals and objectives resulting in initiatives that enable improvement.


The success of the alignment process is largely a function of the extent to which team members are willing to candidly address the issues at hand. Skilled consultants will surface genuine concerns in a non-threatening fashion. When this is done, the team rapidly becomes productive and makes a positive impact on the organization’s effectiveness, teamwork and morale.



  • Relationships are forged based on clear expectations and open communications
  • Everyone on the team has "ownership" in the results of the effort
  • Clear performance expectations are established from day one
  • Fully developed improvement objectives and initiatives
  • Agreement on what is possible
  • Leadership engagement
  • Targets are set



  • To understand the perspectives and needs of various constituents before starting workshop
  • To “set” relationships between constituents and between the team and the rest of the organization
  • To clarify concerns and expectations
  • To reach a clear and shared understanding of the organization’s major goals and priorities
  • To determine realistic time-based actions and resources required to achieve these goals
  • To examine the organization’s internal management procedures and identify barriers to improving overall effectiveness. To identify, discuss, and remedy issues and to gain alignment and commitment to desired outcomes


  • 1 to 2-day workshop (preceeded by 1 day of prep and followed by 1 day of wrap-up) including all of the people responsible for change and success
  • Our skilled and experienced consultants guide the team through a process of exploring the various issues, concerns and expectations
  • Everyone on the team works together to develop and agree upon the final result.
  • Ideal for any team or organization that is struggling with
    • new initiatives;
    • conflicting, overlapping or multiple initiatives;
    • recurring initiatives or performance expectations
  • Great for an organization who needs to determine how to use recent benchmarking results



  • Completed Strategic Plan
  • A 100-day action plan that provides cohesive team direction and early team wins.
  • Customer focused mapping of the process(es) on task
  • Core process identified and ownership assigned
  • Process for improvement and success
  • Common Vision, Purpose & Values
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