While Project Management is a fairly mature process in most utilities, in our experience Portfolio Management and Program Management in particular are two areas that need continued attention. Some specific challenges in PM that utilities are facing include:

  • Ability to effectively handle the increase in Transmission and Substation workload
  • Capability to effectively manage the increase in contracts of construction and engineering
  • Lack of historical information for estimating
  • Shortage of skilled PMs
  • Confusion in roles and responsibilities
  • Internal organizational processes that complicate the PM process
  • Lack of adequate review of last-minute projects
  • Problems in applying PM techniques to program management in wood pole change-outs, for example
  • Long projects due to permit, design, or build that cover multiple years and encounter numerous delays


1QC can help you achieve your Project Management goals of On Budget, On Time, and To Specification. We do this by working with you to:

  • Improve your PM process 
  • Evaluate estimating accuracy 
  • Review metrics
  • Develop training 
  • Conduct audits


1QC has worked with clients to develop process improvement solutions in many areas:

  • Developed and defined process playbook for managing major projects across multiple departments
  • Created gated process to make sure that projects proceed on budget
  • Worked with management to clearly define responsibility, accountability, consultation, and information (RACI) roles in all stages of the process
  • Developed benchmarks for PMs and suppport staff
  • Worked with stakeholders to obtain collaborative involvement by identifying issues and problems at key steps in the process to keep projects on track 
  • Established leading and lagging performance benchmarks


With our industry experience, Project Management process understanding, proven consulting process and benchmarking knowledge (see Tim Szybalski's "Benchmarking PM Practices" article at Fortnightly's Spark), we would be glad to work with you to improve your project management capabilities. 

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