The aftermath of "Sandy" involved responses and queries from outsiders (politicians, customers, media, regulators) that focused on failures, despite the often heroic efforts of utilities and their employees. Past storm events have resulted in commission-mandated reviews of the performance of utilities by outside consultants. To the extent a utility is well-prepared for those reviews, it can put the best face on its performance, and at the same time learn the available lessons from the experiences.


First Quartile has done a number of post-storm reviews for the utilities, meaning...


  • We're experienced, we have done this successfully in the past, and we know what to look for to perform the assessment quickly and efficiently
  • We recognize the level of urgency that follows an event like this
  • We know how to summarize the results and can help prepare reports for state commissions
  • We can help utilities use the experience to upgrade and improve emergency response plans and approaches for the future


Through our consulting engagements and research into storm restoration, we developed the Storm Response Preparation and Execution model below. In addition, 1QC and our benchmarking community recently held a series of webinars to share information on how utilities prepare for major events and smaller storms and how to execute the process for restoration once the event has arrived. Therefore, we not only have our own expertise to draw upon, but also the knowledge gleaned from facilitating these discussions.


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